This early success quickly got the attention of Red Bull’s mobile street team, based in Pretoria, who quickly moved to secure him as a regular guest resident DJ across their many campus, outdoor and event activations.
This further led to him building a residency across a number of Johannesburg nights clubs such as ICON, Latinov, Moloko and Taboo to name a few.
Following a short sabbatical from the scene, DJ Samir has since re-emerged back into the DJ scene with his signature Hip Hop and House fusion mixes as well as a new Electronic set addition to his mixes.


He continues to demonstrate and share his passion for music through the his free music mixes, shared through his social media accounts, which has grown to a base reach of more than 200,000 followers through various social media & streaming channels.

His versatility as a DJ has made him an easy and stand out fit amongst Hip Hop, House and Electronic music lovers alike.

DJ Samir energy and zest to deliver memorable music experiences through his sets him apart as a personality that only is in tune with the sound of the now but also a pioneer of the sound of tomorrow.

SAMiR DJ Tour Dates